The Revelation of Christ: Revelation Chapter 2:5



(POINT: Jesus has not come to hurt them; He has come to help them! He offers a word of commendation, a word of complaint, now He speaks a word of correction. He tells them how they can fix that which is wrong in their church.)


A. He Speaks About Remembering – Jesus calls on these people to look back. He wants them to remember that moment when they came to know Him. He wants them to reflect on what He did for them. He wants them to recall all the excitement and emotion of those early days with Him. He want them to look back to a time when their love for Him motivated everything they did.


Some of us need to remember. We have been saved so long that we have lost the thrill of those early days. Can you remember what it was like when you first came to Jesus and the weight of your sins was lifted from your heart? Can you remember when just the mention of His name brought tears to your eyes? Can you remember when your heart was tender and you felt at home in the altar talking to Him. Can you remember? Take a minute and reflect on how it used to be. Now, look at how it is. Can you honestly say that you are still head over heels in love with Jesus today?


When a saint of God falls out of love with Jesus, they are in a “backslidden” condition. They need a revival. The first step in revival is remembering.


B. He Speaks About Repenting – The word “repent” speaks of “a change of mind that leads to a change of action”. Jesus is telling these people that they need to repent of the sin of not loving Him like they should. They need to search their hearts and change their attitude toward the Lord.


(POINT: The same counsel needs to be heeded by the modern church today. We have allowed everything in the world to come before the Lord. Family, fun, work, even church work has all taken His place in our hearts. We need to get back to our altars, reclaim that emotional, extravagant first love and fall head over heels in love with Jesus one more time. How long had it been since you confessed a lack of burning love for Him? How long has it been since you were open and unashamed in your expressions of love for the Master? We need to repent of our coldness and fall in love with Jesus afresh and anew.)


C. He Speaks About Repeating – He tells them to “do the first works”. They are told to start doing the things they used to do once again. That is the key for their revival and it is the key for us as well.


(POINT: We need to get back to the first works; back to reading the Bible; back to praying and fasting; back to witnessing; back to testifying; back to crying; back to praising His name; we need to get back to the things that marked us when we were deeply in love with Jesus. Get before Him today and ask Him to show you the way back.)


D. He Speaks About Removing – If they refuse to get where they need to be, Jesus tells them that He is willing to extinguish their candle. That is just what He did at Ephesus too! They failed to heed the message and He took away their light. Now, there is no great Christian work in that city. There is nothing there but ruins and rubble.


(POINT: There is a lamp in our guest bedroom that needs a new bulb. When I change it, I am going to throw the old on in the trash. Why? Uselessness breeds disaster! A light that won’t shine is not worth having around. When a church stops shining in love for Jesus; when they stop being a bright light for the Lord, He will take His power and His touch and He will put it where people will honor Him and love Him.


I do not want God to take away what we have. I do not want New Mission to become like so many other churches in our world today. But, if we fall out of love with Him and continue in that state, the day will come when He will take what we do have and He will give it to those who will use it for His glory. Mark it down! It is either Remember, Repent and Repeat, or it is Removal!)


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